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The flooring that you install in your home should last several years before you even have to consider replacement. If your flooring isn't lasting that long, chances are, you aren't choosing the type of flooring that will fit into your lifestyle very well. This blog is all about choosing flooring that will fit into your lifestyle and last you many, many years before you have to rip it up and replace it. You will also find tips for keeping it looking like new as it survives the abuse that your family, friends and pets put it through during the course of the year.

Tips For Removing Old Ceramic Tile Flooring With Ease


If you are getting new tile flooring, you may first need some tips to remove your old ceramic tile. This way, you will be able to finish the job with as little trouble as possible. Talk with a professional, like Diamond Contract Flooring LLC, if you've never gone the DIY route before and take a moment to review the following suggestions so that you can finish the job quickly.

Use A Hammer On The First Tile

For the best results, you will want to make sure that you are breaking up the first tile with a hammer. Hammer in the center of the tile, as this will allow you to break apart as much tile as possible with fewer hits. As you start breaking up the ceramic tile, you will notice that the edges are rather sharp so you need to work carefully. Wearing goggles and gloves will help you protect your eyes and hands from being cut. After you have successfully removed the first ceramic tile, you can move on to the rest of them.

Use A Chisel For The Rest

Removing the first ceramic tile with a hammer will give you room to get to the rest with a chisel. Place the chisel along the grout line and gently pound at the back of the chisel with a hammer. Simply start at the grout line and push, as this is how you get underneath the tile.

Use A Scraper For Loose Tiles

If you are removing an old ceramic tile floor that has loose tiles because the mortar or adhesive has worn thin or become damaged, you might have better success with a floor scraper. This will allow you to remove several floor tiles with ease. It works just the same as the chisel except it has a wider blade and a longer handle so you do not have to be on your hands and knees with it. You might be able to simply push the floor scraper under the tiles or you might need to give it a little extra nudge by hitting the end of the handle with a hammer.

Once you have successfully removed the ceramic tiles from your floor, you are ready to begin breaking up any remaining mortar that might be left on the floor. With the previously mentioned tips in mind, you should find that you will be able to get through the entire process in no time at all.


21 December 2015