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How To Create A Unique Mexican Patio


If you have decided to create a Mexican patio at your home, here are some ideas that might inspire you to design something attractive and unique.

The Floor - Flagstone would be one great choice. Another good idea would be to have a bricklayer create a brick floor. For a truly authentic look, choose earth tones for your brick. Brick red would give the patio a dramatic look while mocha or brown would give a more understated look. Whether you select flagstone or brick, plant moss or another ground cover between the stones or the bricks. Not only will this add color to the ground, but it will be a good way of connecting the patio to the rest of your back yard. Both flagstone and brick are affordable and very easy to care for. Simply wash them off with your garden hose and they're thoroughly cleaned. Companies like Layrite Masonry & Tile may be able to meet your needs for a patio design.

The Furniture - Two great choices for your furniture would be either wood or wrought iron.

  • Wood would give your patio a more rustic look while wrought iron would give it a more elegant look.
  • If you go with the rustic wooden furniture, consider buying pieces that incorporate hand-tooled leather as part of the design.
  • Black wrought iron would be traditional. However, if you want to add some pizzaz to the wrought iron, consider painting it a bright color. Turquoise would be great with a red brick floor while brick red would be good with earth tones. 
  • Hanging a Mexican hammock would add interest to the patio and it would be a great place for relaxing.
  • As you plan the design of your patio, include a Mexican chimney around the seating areas.

The Decor - Use plenty of plants.

  • Buy clay pots in different sizes and of different designs.
  • Half pots for the walls would be great, especially with hanging plants in them.
  • Macrame pot holders would be great for hanging plants, too. Combine plants like bougainvilleas, geraniums, rose vines and mosses rose with ferns, ivy, and succulents.
  • Another really good idea is to have decorative water fountains as part of the decor.
  • Clay birds set in strategic places of the patio would be a charming touch. For your table centerpiece, select black wrought iron candelabra and place them on either end of a colorful Talavera bowl or platter from Mexico.

Shop in stores that carry objects from all over the world. Another good place to look for Mexican patio decor is at plant nurseries and garden supply stores.


24 December 2015