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The flooring that you install in your home should last several years before you even have to consider replacement. If your flooring isn't lasting that long, chances are, you aren't choosing the type of flooring that will fit into your lifestyle very well. This blog is all about choosing flooring that will fit into your lifestyle and last you many, many years before you have to rip it up and replace it. You will also find tips for keeping it looking like new as it survives the abuse that your family, friends and pets put it through during the course of the year.

Why You Should Hire Professional Help When Installing Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors improve the beauty and resale value of your home. They are generally much easier to care for than carpet, needing only the occasional dust mop and a damp rag for stickier messes. If you invest in some of the rarer and more expensive woods for your floors, you can charge even more when you sell your home. However, you should not attempt to install a hardwood floor on your own. It is actually much more complicated than you realize, and you will need residential hardwood flooring services to help you. Here is why you should hire professional help when installing a hardwood floor.

You Have to Tear out Old Flooring

Getting down to the sub-floor in a room or hallway requires ripping up every layer of flooring you or other owners of the home have put down. It could be several layers, and you might get a little too carried away and accidentally rip up the sub-floor because you do not recognize it for what it is. You can start ripping up surface layers, but until the pros show up and find out how many layers have to be torn out before you can see the sub-floor, you need to wait. That sub-floor is so important to the installation of the new wood floor. 

The Professionals Have a Cleanup Crew in Your Contract

Take a look at the itemized list of services involved with your flooring contract and you will see that there is a cleanup fee/service charge. This is a sub-contractor that comes out to your home, picks up all of the flooring waste from the layers of flooring that were torn out to the scraps from the new floor after it has been installed. If you tried to dispose of all of this on your own in your city garbage collection, your city would probably fine you, and it would probably cost a lot more than the cleanup service fee from the flooring company. 

A Hardwood Floor Is Not Nailed Down Like You Think

A lot of DIY folks think that a wood floor is nailed down from the top. It is not. It is nailed down to the sub-floor and through the sound-proofing layer by driving nails at an angle along the edges of the planks into the floor underneath. This provides a nice, smooth, nail-free finish that looks as though it was naturally a part of the home all along. Additionally, you will never have to worry about snagging or cutting a toe or foot on a nail sticking out of the floor boards because the nails are not through the top and straight down. Only your flooring professionals know how to drive the nail brads through in this fashion. 


13 August 2019