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The flooring that you install in your home should last several years before you even have to consider replacement. If your flooring isn't lasting that long, chances are, you aren't choosing the type of flooring that will fit into your lifestyle very well. This blog is all about choosing flooring that will fit into your lifestyle and last you many, many years before you have to rip it up and replace it. You will also find tips for keeping it looking like new as it survives the abuse that your family, friends and pets put it through during the course of the year.

Starting A Kitchen Renovation Project? Why You Need To Include New Flooring


If you're renovating your kitchen, don't forget about the floor. You'll want to show off your kitchen once you're done with renovations. But floors are often the first things guests see when they enter your kitchen. You want to make sure you give a good first impression. You can't do that when you keep the old flooring. That's one reason why you need to add flooring to your kitchen renovation project. Here are four more reasons for a new kitchen floor. 

Update the Appearance

If you own an older home, there's a strong chance that your kitchen floor hasn't aged well. Over the years, colors and patterns have changed. Antique gold and olive green are no longer at the top of the list for kitchen colors. If your flooring is still in good shape, you may think that you can work around the colors and patterns. But that's not the case. Your kitchen will keep the aged appearance. Bring your kitchen out of the past by including new flooring in your renovation project. 

Keep Your Feet Warm

If you're tired of having cold feet in the winter, upgrade your kitchen flooring. Bare feet on a cold floor can be downright unbearable. But you don't always remember to wear slippers for your midnight snack runs. A flooring update will help you keep your feet warm. Install a heated floor in your kitchen. A heated floor allows you to control the temperature. That means your feet won't need to freeze during the winter. 

Get Rid of the Odors 

If your kitchen floor is old, no amount of scrubbing will remove the odors. That's because they're embedded in the flooring material. Unfortunately, those odors travel throughout your home. That means your home will always smell less than fresh. The best way to ensure a clean-smelling home is to install new flooring in your kitchen. Your kitchen will look great, and your home won't have foul floor odors anymore. 

Improve Market Appeal

If you plan to sell your home, add a new floor to your kitchen makeover. Prospective buyers will like the idea of new counters and cabinets. But if they see outdated flooring, they may have second thoughts. That's because they'll need to replace the flooring once they move in. Improve your home's market appeal. Include a new floor in your kitchen renovation project. 

Don't leave the project half-finished. Include a new floor with your kitchen makeover.


15 June 2020