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The flooring that you install in your home should last several years before you even have to consider replacement. If your flooring isn't lasting that long, chances are, you aren't choosing the type of flooring that will fit into your lifestyle very well. This blog is all about choosing flooring that will fit into your lifestyle and last you many, many years before you have to rip it up and replace it. You will also find tips for keeping it looking like new as it survives the abuse that your family, friends and pets put it through during the course of the year.

Why It's Worth Installing an Epoxy Floor at Your Business


Are you considering a renovation job at your business that involves installing an epoxy floor coating? If so, it will help to know the benefits of this coating before you move forward with the installation process. 

Protection From Physical Abrasions

Do you own a business where a lot of equipment travels over the floor on a regular basis? This includes forklifts, pallet jacks, or any heavy vehicle that travels the same paths all the time. This type of activity can cause a lot of wear and tear on the floors due to abrasion. An epoxy flooring is going to give the flooring extra protection so that it looks nice for your employees and customers.

Protection From Chemical Abrasion

Your floors are also going to have protection from any chemical abrasions when you have an epoxy flooring. If you work in manufacturing where certain chemicals can spill on the floor, it would normally eat away at the surface over time from having the chemicals rest on the surface. An epoxy floor coating will cause those chemicals to sit on the surface rather than cause damage immediately. 


An epoxy floor is going to be clean and hygienic, which may be necessary for certain types of businesses. The coating makes the floor very easy to clean and spot dirt, which is not possible with a normal floor that has rough surfaces. If you are in an industry where cleanliness is important, such as in the kitchen of a restaurant, you may want an epoxy floor just for the cleanliness benefits. 


That epoxy floor coating is also going to waterproof the surface of your floor. Rather than have the floor absorb the water, it will sit on the surface and make it easier to clean. This can help prolong the life of the flooring since it is very easy to clean up pooling water. You'll notice that if you have concrete flooring that would normally absorb the water, that it will not become soft and deteriorate as the concrete starts to crumble over time. 


You cannot forget about how the floors of your business will look when they are covered with an epoxy floor coating. This treatments keeps the floors looking smooth and shiny all the time, which will really make them stand out and look professional for a business where presentation is important. 

To learn more about commercial epoxy flooring installation, contact a contractor near you. 


17 August 2020