4 Important Tricks For Preparing Your Garage Floor For Epoxy


If you want to transform your garage's appearance, adding epoxy to your garage floor is a great way to change its appearance. It will add a hard coating to your floor that is easy to clean and take care of. To apply epoxy to your garage floor, though, especially if the floor is not new, you are going to have to do some intensive prep work. Make Sure Your Concrete Can Handle Epoxy

19 October 2020

Tips to Help You Install Tile Flooring in Your Home


The flooring in your home can make your interior space more comfortable and more functional for your lifestyle. Tile is a great option for flooring because it is long-lasting, durable, looks attractive, is cooler in a hot southern climate, and is easy to clean up after if you have pets. If you choose to install tile, here are some recommendations to help you to successfully do so in your home.

2 October 2020

3 Things To Consider When Shopping For Carpet


When it comes to home flooring, there is a wide array of options available that may work for your needs. Narrowing down the right fit for your home and budget can be challenging. For many, carpet is the best option for their family. It's soft underfoot, easy to clean, and also works very well in bedrooms and offices. Carpeting is also available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns.

9 September 2020

How To Create The Look Of A Designer Bathroom For Less


Having a designer looking bathroom is something that most of us want but that few of us can afford. What if you could approximate a designer look without having to spend a lot of money on it? From going with marble tiles to getting a free standing bathtub, this article will list a few things for you to consider.  Marble Floor Tiles Big slabs of marble are going to cost you a lot of money; especially if you want to have them installed on your floor.

29 August 2020

Why It's Worth Installing an Epoxy Floor at Your Business


Are you considering a renovation job at your business that involves installing an epoxy floor coating? If so, it will help to know the benefits of this coating before you move forward with the installation process.  Protection From Physical Abrasions Do you own a business where a lot of equipment travels over the floor on a regular basis? This includes forklifts, pallet jacks, or any heavy vehicle that travels the same paths all the time.

17 August 2020

Make Durability the Priority When Choosing Tile Flooring for Your Kitchen


Having new flooring installed in your kitchen can be overwhelming, even when you've decided what type of flooring you want. Many people choose tile for their kitchen because of the beauty of this material. If you're struggling to choose tile flooring, you should consider the durability of the tile. With the intention to make sure that the tile lasts a long time after it's been installed, the following tips can help you figure out what tile to purchase.

24 July 2020

Everything You Should Know About Hardwood Flooring Installation


Hardwood floors are beautiful and having them installed in your home is a treat. There are many things you need to understand before the installation can begin, however.  Can hardwood floors go anywhere in my home? While hardwood floors are durable and have been used for centuries in both fine mansions and humble homes, it is important to note that not every room was meant for hardwood floors. Any wet areas, like the kitchen, bathrooms, and mudroom should not have wood floors.

23 July 2020