4 Features To Consider When Getting New Kitchen Cabinets


Remodeling your kitchen can be a very exciting time, since you can make many customizations to create your kitchen exactly how you have always wanted it. That said, there are some customizations that can be made to your kitchen cabinets that you want to consider, since it can be costly to make modifications later. Full Pull Out Drawers Have you ever noticed that the drawers in your kitchen tend to have things get lost in the rear part of the drawer?

27 December 2018

Need to Cover an Old Floor in a Large Space? Consider These Surfacing Options


If you have a large space where you need to quickly cover the floors because they are damaged or have other complications, and you don't want to spend a lot of money, there are a few different options to consider. If you need something that is simple and easy for the installers to put into place, but that will still protect the subfloor and work as the flooring cover that you need, talk with experts about these three floorsurfacing options.

18 October 2018

Three Ways To Keep Floors Safe And Dry In Your Restaurant's Kitchen


Restaurant kitchens must actively keep things neat and clean. They must also keep floors clean and dry to prevent slipping and falling accidents. If you are just getting into the restaurant business and have never owned a restaurant before, here are all the ways in which you can keep the kitchen floors dry and safe for your bussers and waitstaff.  Thick Floor Mats with Drainage Holes Thick floor mats meant for commercial use are one such safety product for restaurants.

5 July 2018

How To Remove Carpet Before Sanding Your Subfloor


If you are going to have new flooring installed in place of carpet, you should consider removing you old carpet yourself. If you remove your existing carpet on your own, your floor will basically be ready for the installation of the new product, regardless of if your are installing new carpet, hardwood, or tile. This is going to save the new floor installer several hours of labor, and it is going to save you several hundred dollars.

7 April 2018